Frequently Asked Questions

Below are answers to the most commonly asked cabling, phone, A/V and data related questions.

Not necessarily. Conduit and cabling can be installed beneath the floors if there is enough space.

In most cases, data cable can be installed without using conduit. Piping is usually implemented when the area is prone to weathering such as outside, or in and around kitchen and bathroom areas.

Cat6 cable is cheap to buy at around $50 per 100m. But suppliers differ in terms of quality.

If the area is dangerous or there are hazardous materials, we need to comply with OHS regulation. This means that a specialist health and safety inspector will need to come and check the area. We can advise you of this.

There is no difference in price, but some industries have to comply with certain regulatory authorities and this needs to be taken into consideration when laying any kind of cabling or installing data services.

Yes, but in some cases it needs to be shielded – which is an extra cost.

If the area is under cover and not subject to flooding or other weathering, we may be able to install cabling without conduit. In most cases though, outdoor areas require conduit.