Developing & Commercial Actors


In addition to our Professional actors, Filmbites offers a developing/commercial stream. The vast majority of the young actors on this book are trained through the Filmbites Screen Academy and have on-set experience, having made a film each year of their training as well as practised their skills through regular screen acting exercises in class.

If you would like to cast any of these actors, please email Jessica, detailing as many of the following details as possible:

  • the role/s you wish to cast – ‘look’, age, special requirements/skills etc. (or particular actors you wish to see, please see headshots provided)
  • audition day/times
  • shoot dates/location
  • information about your production (e.g. student film, funded film)
  • actor fee
  • your contact information

For unpaid roles, please provide all the details as listed above. Your email will be forwarded to our casting book with directions to contact you directly. As such, we recommend you provide all details as clearly as possible.

If you would like to join this stream of the agency, please email us your CV, headshot and showreel if you have one.

Harry Klein

Anthony Nedelkos

Madeline Cox

Neville Nannup